A Pakamisa Weekend!

What a weekend!

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20140324 - CS1_0384 - EI spent another great weekend at Pakamisa. This very special Private Game Reserve combines five star luxury with horseback safari. It is one of my favorite places in South Africa.

Above is a picture from today’s photo shoot. The aim was to get a good image of riders on Horses, close to Giraffes. Mission accomplished 🙂

_MG_0969 - EIsabella Stepski (the owner of Pakamisa) took this funny picture of Slinky, me and Bully on our way to the horse photo shoot and she also captured me on Badger, doing some “horse-back photography”.

_MG_0873 - E

20140323 - CS1_0208 - EAnd I love this image of the riders returning to the stables at sunset.

Another very enjoyable Pakamisa weekend!  www.pakamisa.co.za

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