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A new perspective of the Pakamisa Lodge!

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20140906 - IMG_2283 - E

Isabella took a picture of me while I was setting up for some evening/night time images of the the Pakamisa Lodge. Unfortunately the moon was very bright that night and the wind picked up a lot once daylight was gone, so the twilight images come out well, but the night time shots did not work so well.

These are some of the images I took that evening.

20140905 - CS2_0059 - E2I like this image because it show not only the lodge but its lofty location on top of the Pakamisa hills.20140905 - CS2_0117 - E3Just the right amount of light from the buildings to show the lodge well at twilight.20140905 - CS0_2205 - EColors on the hill – a night time shot!

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