Best of KwaZulu Natal

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My brother Stefan visited me from Germany. He stayed in South Africa for the last two weeks. We had a great time at three…

Amazing Photography

In December Pakamisa Private Game Reserve will be offering a unique 7 day program for horse riding photo enthusiasts. Besides our thrilling horseback safaris, this week will include an exciting 3 day experience… Continue reading

Exploring the Mkhaya Gorge – Erfoschung der Mkhaya-Schlucht

Stunned by the beauty of nature – Yesterday, Pakamisa sent out a group to explore the Mkhaya river. Following the river bed worn through centuries, the Mkhaya cleaves through beautiful landscapes. The group entered a… Continue reading

Health Care Consciousness and Education – A Visit from the Siloah Lutheran TB Hospital

At Pakamisa one of our philosophies is to promote the importance of health care to our staff and create space for health consciousness. Therefore, a well trained team of doctors and nurses from the Siloah… Continue reading

Cavallo Reiterreisen in Action

Anika auf Tango und Klaus auf Badger.   Sofia auf Pasha und Jutta auf Jasper.   Isabella (Inhaberin von Pakamisa) auf Mon Ami und Maya auf  Zulu.   Janina auf Thamil und Susanne auf Apache.   Drei Reiter auf drei Arabern:… Continue reading

Immer auf Trab! – Always on the Go!

Bogenschießen: eine beliebte Aktivität für Jung und Alt. Archery at Pakamisa is fun for everyone. Technik und Präzision machen das Schießen mit dem Luftdruckgewehr zum besonderen Abenteuer! Easy and safe shooting sport with… Continue reading

Cavallo Reiterreise Südafrika

      Start ins Abenteuer – Sieben zufriedene Reiter aus Europa starten ihre Südafrika für Geniesser Reise. Adventure pure! – Seven excited riders start their evening excursion. Hautnah am Wildlife im Südafrikanischen… Continue reading

At work!

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Isabella took a picture of me while I was setting up for some evening/night time images of the the Pakamisa Lodge. Unfortunately the moon…

Well protected!

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What a surprise when I arrived at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve this afternoon! These little Ostrich chicks were on a walk-about with their parents…

PAKAMISA and Back to Work!

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Well, I thought seven days off is a lot of time. Not so! I was busy with all kinds of things – but with…